ADL180(B) ADS-B Antennas

The Iridium and GPS antenna of the ADL180(B) is integrated in the white device enclosure. But the ADS-B antenna used to detect other traffic is attached on the outside using a standard SMA connector.

During the production run two tyes of antennas have been used. In the very beginning the Nooelec 1090MHz ADS-B Antenna, 3dBi was used. Later the Garmin 010-11825-00 antenna was discovered. As it was a little nicer physically, it was used for further production runs. Regarding the actual ADS-B reception both antennas showed nearly identical real world performance.

Unfortunately Garmin did stop making this antenna and our stock has run out so we have to switch back to the Nooelec antenna now in September/October 2023.

This is a picture of an ADL180(B) fitted with the current Nooelec antenna:

And the Garmin antenna used previously which is no longer available:

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