Interconnect - FLARM Traffic

Integrating FLARM Traffic

The ADL devices ADL140/150(B)/190/200 with a RS232 input can read current FLARM traffic information provided by a separate FLARM receiver. The ADL device will then integrate this traffic data into its data stream and send it to all displaying apps. ADL190/200 will combine this with their own ADS-B traffic data in an intelligent way. All modern FLARM devices capable of sending the "$PFLAA" dataset are supported.

Popular FLARM devices which we have tested with success are:
  • AT1
  • Power Mouse
    And probably many more we did not test yet.

    The following older systems did not support the "$PFLAA" dataset:
  • TRX1500

    Some FLARM receivers also offer a WiFi with GDL90 signal (for example the AT1). In this case you can eitehr d the wired connection or combine the signals on the WiFi like with other portables. When using an ADL190/200 with its own ADS-B source we recommend the wired connection. Only this way the two sources are combined in an optimal way avoiding double targets etc.

    Please have a look at the ADL150(B)/190/200 manual for more details regarding the wiring.

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