Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy (dated 25 May 2018)

1) Company details

Golze Engineering
Dr. Sebastian Golze
Bredowstr. 29
10551 Berlin
Tel.: +49 - 30 - 398 05 204


2) Audience

Our website and services are targeted at professional licensed pilots only. If you do not qualify please do not use our website or services or submit any personal information.

3) Website

The public part of our website can be used without handing over any personal data. We do not save any of your connection data beyond what is required to provide ordered services or required by law. We do not use third party tools for traffic analysis or similar. The private part of our website processes your personal data to the minimum required to deliver the ordered services.
Some parts of our website use cookies to provide the requested services. The user is free to disable cookies but then some parts of the website might no longer be available. We do not use any cookie data for user tracking or similar beyond directly providing the ordered service.

4) Email

If you contact us by email we process your data only in order to answer your inquiries.

5) ADLConnect app / in flight weather

The ADLConnect app and in flight weather service only collects the data necessary to provide the weather and communication services and the associated invoicing. Your location is only used to show your location on the map and download appropriate weather data. Data from your mobile phone / tablet contacts is only used for the purpose of emails and text messages in the app.
We do not collect or store your phone book data in the app or on our servers.

6) Social media

We do not use any social media integration.

7) Links

Our website might use links to other websites. Please refer to the privacy policies of those websites before using them as we have no influcence on those websites.
8) Payment information

We only forward the minimum legally required information to our bank, credit card fullfillment company and PayPal to process the payments as requested by you.
9) Deletion of your data

We will delete your data once it is no longer required for delivering the ordered services.

10) Location of data processing

We will process your data only on our own servers all located in data centers in Germany and in our office, also located in Germany.

11) Requests, Complaints, Deletion of data

If you have any request on what data we store about you or would like us to delete any data we might have saved or processed please send your inquiry to:

Golze Engineering
Dr. Sebastian Golze
Bredowstr. 29
10551 Berlin
Tel.: +49 - 30 - 398 05 204

12) Changes

Our data policy might change in the future. Only the latest version is applicable.

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