Interconnect - Avidyne IFD440 /IFD540 /EX5000

Weather and ADS-B Traffic

All current ADL devices made for fixed installation (ADL150(B)/190/200) can output the weather data over the RS232 wire connection. The format used is the standard GDL90/Cabstone protocol. As the cockpit displays have no control buttons for the ADL system, you control and trigger the weather downloads over the normal ADLConnect app as you are used to.

Such an installation will have to be made by an avionics engineer. The legal details are covered in the latest EASA minor change for the installation of the ADL150(B)/190/200. Please note that your EX5000 will have to run on software 8.2.2 or later to support this feature. If not already installed please check in advance the cost of an EX5000 software update.

Flight Plan Transfer

If the current flight plan data should be transmitted at the same time from the IFD or GTN/GNS device, the optional ADLRS232 combiner box will be required.

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