Installed Devices - ADL200


  • Installed satellite weather receiver
  • 4G/LTE module for cost efficient downloads at low altitudes
  • With AHRS and ADS-B traffic
  • Separate antennas
  • Free EASA minor change available
  • Glareshield Iridium antenna included
  • WiFi access point or client
  • External power supply (7-36V, 5W) required
  • Dimensions: 84 x 55 x 26mm (without latches)
  • Mass: 135g

  • 990,- EUR + VAT
    With 24 month service plan A (39,50 EUR / month)
    The ADL200 is available only with continuous service plan.

    We are short on parts, when ordering now please expect no delivery before mid January 2023

    What is in the box?

  • ADL200 device
  • RKMCK4 Connector
  • Iridium antenna
  • ADS-B antenna
  • ADS-B amplifier
  • ADS-B coax cable
  • 4G/LTE antenna

  • More Details

    Satellite service plans
    ADL200 User and installation manual
    EASA minor change
    ForeFlight Interconnect
    SkyDemon Interconnect
    Avidyne Interconnect
    Other GDL90 Interconnect



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