ADL Devices Installed - Overview

ADL160 ADL150B ADL190 ADL200
Iridium satellite weather Yes
WiFi to iOS/Android Yes
Integrated GPS Yes
Iridium antenna Integrated Separate antenna (supplied)
Optional external Iridium antenna No Yes (antenna not supplied)
Power supply USB / 5V, 2.5W Open wire / 7-36V, 5W
WiFi interface to ForeFlight, SkyDemon etc. Yes
RS232 Interface (ADSLS1G and other connections) No Yes
ADSB 1090 MHz traffic No Yes
AHRS sensor No Yes
LTE/4G module No Yes
EASA Minor Change No (pending) Yes
Dimensions 50 x 47 x 20mm 84 x 55 x 26mm (without latches)
Mass 65g 120g 120g 135g
Price with 24 months satellite
service commitment
(39,50 EUR + VAT / month)
390,- EUR + VAT 490,- EUR + VAT 690,- EUR + VAT 990,- EUR + VAT
Price without satellite service commitment 790,- EUR + VAT 890,- EUR + VAT 1090,- EUR + VAT Not available

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