ADL Device Tracking

Unless deactivated by the pilot every ADL device on an active service plan will transmit a satellite position update for every take off, landing and every 10 minutes while in flight. This is meant for search and rescue purposes in remote areas but as a side effect you also get a summary of your flight times. There is no extra charge for a fair use of this service while you are on an active service plan. You do not have to connect the iPad/iPhone/Android device for this purpose, powering up the ADL device is sufficient.
There is a special link you can also put in your flight plan so ATC can use this feature in an emergency outside of radar coverage.

Iridium GO Tracking

The Iridium GO device allows you to send periodic position reports. Technically an SMS/text is send by the device and you pay whatever your current Iridium SIM charges you per SMS. There is no detection for take off or landing so the updates are sent from power up to power down of the GO. You can configure our server as the recipient of those SMS and then the tracking points will be visualized on our map in your account. Compared to the ADL device there is no list of flight times as the take off and landing information is missing and the position reports do not contain your true track and speed but this feature is still valuable for search and rescue purposes.

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