Which paperwork allows installations in N-reg planes?

The most important step is to speak to your inspector first. In the end she or he has to sign your logbook after all. But to give you a guideline there seem to be two main approaches:

1) We have seen many cases where the installation was simply signed off in the airframe log as "Installed ADL1XX device according to EASA minor change 10072228"

2) The alternative is to file a standard form 337 to the FAA which declares the installation of the ADL device according to the EASA minor change 10072228. In that case the EASA paperwork is used as the approved data backing the installation. The form 337 seems to be the most official way to handle the paperwork. The only downside seems to be the additional effort and cost associated. Usually shops seem to charge you a low three digit amount for the form 337 paperwork.

In the past we have also seen logbook entries simply declaring the installation as supplemental equipment without referencing any EASA paperwork. But today, as the EASA minor change is available free of charge, there is no need to cut corners. Simply use the EASA data for your proper FAA paperwork.

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