Ordering An ADL Device

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BEAN - Bean bag friction mount
Compatible: ADL140/170/180
35 EUR 0,00 EUR
ADLUSB - USB Power supply
Compatible: ADL140/150B/190/200
90 EUR 0,00 EUR
ADLRS232 - RS232 Combiner
Compatible: ADL140/150B/190/200
90 EUR 0,00 EUR
ADSBA - ADS-B Amplifier
Compatible: ADL180/190/200, ADL180 not with folding antenna
40 EUR 0,00 EUR
IRD - Iridium antenna
Compatible: ADL150B/190/200
20 EUR 0,00 EUR
ADSBG - ADS-B Antenna glue type
Compatible: ADL180(B)/190/200
15 EUR 0,00 EUR
ADSBF - ADS-B Antenna folding
Compatible: ADL180(B)
40 EUR 0,00 EUR
LTEG - LTE Antenna glue type
Compatible: ADL200
15 EUR 0,00 EUR
RKM - RKMCK4 Power connector
Compatible: ADL140/150B/190/200
9 EUR 0,00 EUR
CIG - Cigarette lighter power cable
Compatible: ADL140/150B/190/200
25 EUR 0,00 EUR
ADLS1G - ADLS1G Extension box
Compatible: ADL140/150B/190/200
390 EUR 0,00 EUR
Shipping *2
     German shipping (free)
     EU shipping (20 EUR)
     UK/CH shipping (20 EUR)
     Rest of the world (60 EUR)
0,00 EUR
Subtotal 0,00 EUR
VAT Situation *3
      Private EU, German company, non VAT registered company EU (19% VAT)
      VAT registered company, outside Germany but in the EU,
with VAT id (no VAT)
      UK order (no VAT on hardware, 20% VAT on satellite charges *4)
      Export outside the EU, private or company (no VAT)
0,00 EUR
Total 0,00 EUR
Plus 24 months satellite charge at 39,50 EUR / month + VAT (if applicable). Those satellite charges will be invoiced to you monthly

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Payment options for the hardware purchase:
  • Wire transfer (preferred)
  • PayPal
  • Credit card (Visa or Mastercard)
  • Payment instructions for all listed options will be included in the order confirmation email.

    Payment options for the ADL satellite charges *5:
  • SEPA direct debit (Euro accounts in EU countries only) (preferred)
  • Credit card (Visa or Mastercard)

  • Please confirm your order over

    Please make sure your email "" is correct. Your order confirmation and the invoice will be sent to this address.

    *1 We can only ship the power bank to Germany free of charge. If you order this item from abroad we will contact you after ordering with the shipping options. Expect to pay for separate ground shipping of the power bank (usually 20 Euro).

    *2 Special shipping charges or restrictions may apply for some destinations. In that case we will contact you after ordering.

    *3 We assume the VAT situation is the same for the hardware purchase and the satellite service. Please email us after ordering if the satellite service VAT situation differs in your case.

    *4 A special note to UK customers. Your hardware purchase will ship VAT free from our side but the satellite service will be invoiced plus 20% UK VAT by us. Please be aware the shipping company will most likely collect import VAT before delivery on your side.

    *5 By default we invoice the satellite charges to the billing address given above. If you need to change that please contact us by email after placing the order.

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