EASA Certification

1st Option
EASA Minor Change for ADL150(B), ADL190 or ADL200 Version 2

Please note this minor change was fully funded by Golze Engineering and we provide it free of charge to all customers having purchased an ADL150(B), ADL190 or ADL200 device. This also includes all maintenance organizations installing ADL devices.


Just for reference the previous version 1 can be found here:


2nd Option

In case the above minor change does not work, for example a few aircraft types like the Cessna 350/400 are currently missing, the alternative is to use the EASA CS-STAN approved changes for ELA2 aircraft below 2000kg. With the latest issue 4 EASA did add many new options and the ADL devices now seem to fit:s

CS-SC061a - Installation of an aircraft tracking system
CS-SC062a - Installation of an awareness function or awareness device
     or (in case of ADL190 / ADL200)
CS-SC057a - Installation of an electronic conspicuity (EC) function

EASA CS-STAN issue 4

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