Messaging / Voice Calls

ADL Device Text Messaging

All ADL devices allow you to send and receive SMS/text messages and short emails. You can compose messages using the ADLConnect app and those are sent out over the Iridium satellite network. Receivers on the ground will get those messages either as an SMS/text originating from a normal German mobile phone number or in the case of email service from a special email address associated with the device.
Then the receivers on the ground can also answer and this answer will be returned via the satellite to you in the air and shown in the ADLConnect app.
Both SMS/text and email messages are limited to 160 signs each. The ADL devices doe smange one common inbox per devices. If multiple iPad/iPhone/Android devices connect this common inbox is synchronized among them. There is currently no personalized messaging per passenger or similar.

Voice Phone Calls

The ADL devices do not support any form of voice phone calls. If you need this feature the Iridium GO does support making calls. Those calls will orginate from an Iridium phone number starting with +88 and audio quality will be worse than what you are used to. Our experience is this can be helpfull for essential communication when some place can only be reached by phone but audio quality will prevent any longer or important business calls. Also calling non cooperative people will not work. The other person will have to speak slowly, clearly and more or less in half dupley mode only.

Iridium GO Messaging

ADLConnect will control your Iridium GO for all weather downloads. Besides voice call the GO also supports SMS/text messaging and very basic email service. This will all be done using Iridiums own "GO" app. SMS/text will originate from the +88 number of your Iridium SIM card. Emails will originate from a special Iridium email address associated with your device. Recipients can answer but many will not answer to the +88 number because of fear from astronomic cost (which in most cases is not true).

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