ADLConnect for Iridium GO and Iridium GO Executive


Our special ADLConect for Iridium GO license allows you to download ADL in flight weather using an Iridium GO or Iridium GO Executive device instead of our own ADL devices.

Please do not get confused. You do not have to order any of the items below if you plan on using an ADL device! The GO and GO Executive are separate solutions for bigger planes which can justify the higher annual cost.

Available Features

You get all the usual features of the ADLConnect app like radar, strikes, infrared etc. But in comparison to the ADL devices the downloaded corridor is nearly twice as wide (350NM). Currently there is no difference in the weather displayed between the GO and GO Executive.

In case of the classic GO the ADLConnect app will manage the Iridium GO satellite connection dialing and firewall automatically. So all you do is request a download and the system will manage the internet connection. For the GO you pay Iridium by the minute so ADLconnectwill try to minimise the connection time

In case of the GO Executive ADLConnect will handle the weather downloads but you start the Internet connection using the GO Exec app. When using the GO Executive the Internet connection is usually left connected as charges occur by data volume and not by time.
Due to very efficient data compression, you can expect to consume only one minute of airtime for a complete weather download on the classic GO and less than 5 kilobytes on the GO Executive.

ForeFlight, Garmin Pilot and SkyDemon integration

Weather data downloaded using the ADLConnect app over the Iridium GO or GO Exec is passed on to Foreflight, Garmin Pilot, SkyDemon and other GDL90 compatible apps.

ADLConnect for GO Pricing

The ADLConnect for Iridium GO license costs 390 Euro + VAT for 12 months. From our side there are no limitations on the number of weather downloads. The license is limited to one GO or GO Exec device while the number of different iPads and iPhones is not limited

Ordering ADLConnect Iridium GO License

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