ADLConnect iOS App Updates

The latest ADLConnect app is only available from the Apple app store. Please update the app directly from the App store.

ADLConnect Android App Updates

The latest ADLConnect app is usuaully available from the Play Store but below you can download the apk file directly in case you experience issues with the Play Store.

ADLConnect_9_50.apk - ADLConnect app v9.50 for Android

ADL140, ADL150(B), ADL160, ADL170, ADL180, ADL190, ADL200 Firmware Updates

If your ADL140/150 has got firmware 7.10 or later installed you can upload the new firmware directly using the ADLconnect app. All ADL150B/160/170/180/190/200 have been delivered with firmware able to update from within the ADLconnect app.
The update button is on the the "Config" page of the ADLConnect app.

Tutorial Video on Firmware Updates using iOS
Tutorial Video on Firmware Updates using Android

ONLY use the files below once if you have firmware 7.00 or earlier installed on ADL140/ADL150 You will then have to do another update using the ADLConnect app to get to the very latest version. All following updates will be from within the ADLConnect app.

ADL140 ADL150(B) ADL190 ADL200 Firmware Update Manual v1.10

ADL140_150_Updater_v9_32.exe - Firmware update for ADL140, ADL150 v9.32 (04.08.2023)

ADL110B, ADL120 and ADL130 Firmware Updates

Firmware updates for those legagcy devices are downloaded on the device using an USB cable. More details can be found in the update manual below.

ADL110B, ADL120, ADL130 Firmware Update Manual v1.03

adl1xv8_12.t2u - Firmware file for ADL110B, ADL120 and ADL130 v8.12 (07.07.2022)

ADLUpdater.msi - ADL Updater for ADL110B, ADL120 and ADL130

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