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Our Mission

Golze Engineering is the leading supplier of Worldwide in flight satellite weather products. Since 2012 we use satellite technology to bring live weather data to European and Worldwide cockpits. ADS-B and XM technology are available in the USA, but for the rest of the world satellite data is the only alternative. We have equipped well over thousand aircraft so far.

What is satellite weather?

Improve your comfort and safety with continuous in flight satellite weather updates. The ADL system will overlay a moving map with radar, strikes and satellite data. Weather data is updated every 15 min via satellite. The data is displayed on iOS, Android and compatible panel mounted avionics. The system will also keep you updated on winds and temperatures aloft as well as METAR and TAF. You can send and receive short text messages and emails. Worldwide tracking is available for search and rescue.

How does it work and what is required?

To receive in flight satellite weather you will need one of our ADL devices (or an Iridium Go) in the aircraft, a satellite service subscription and a phone or tablet to display the data. There are portable and installed device options available depending on your needs.

Where is the weather data displayed?

ADL Weather data can be displayed in our own ADLConnect iOS/Android app and as a weather layer in ForeFlight, SkyDemon and other GDL90 compatible applications. With some more effort it can also be displayed in the Garmin Pilot app. In addition ADL weather can be displayed on Avidyne IFD540/440 and EX5000 cockpit displays. With additional ADLS1G hardware GTN650/60, G500/600/1000/3000 are also supported.

How much does it cost?

The details are on the product and service plan pages but prices start at 390 Euro + VAT for an ADL160 device and 39,50 EUR / month + VAT for the satellite service. Besides the continuous plans with a monthly charge there are also short duration trip kit options available.

Is it certified?

There is a free of charge EASA minor change available for the permanent installation of the ADL150/190/200 devices in most GA airplanes. The portable devices do not need such paperwork.

ADLConnect App / Screenshots
Installed Devices: ADL150B ADL190 ADL200
Portable Devices: ADL140 ADL170 ADL180
Weather Coverage - Europe

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