Portable - ADL165


The ADL165 is not yet ready for delivery. The information below is preliminary.

  • Portable satellite weather receiver
  • Integrated satellite antenna
  • Connector for optional wired Iridium antenna
  • Wireless FIS-B interface
  • WiFi access point or client
  • USB micro powered (5V, 500mA), no battery
  • Dimensions: 50 x 47 x 20mm
  • Mass: 60g

  • 390,- EUR + VAT
    With 24 month service plan A (39,50 EUR / month)
    790,- EUR + VAT
    Without service plan commitment ready for trip kit use

    Please contact us for details regarding planned deliveries. All information above is preliminary.

    Size comparison

    The device is much smaller than many customers expect. Therefore we did this picture with a normal 2 Euro coin for size comparison.

    What is in the box?

  • ADL165 device
  • USB micro cable

  • More Details

    Satellite service plans
    ADL165 User and Installation Manual (preliminary)
    ForeFlight Interconnect
    SkyDemon Interconnect
    Garmin Pilot Interconnect
    GTN750 / G3X etc. Interconnect



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